Supported devices

Nokia 6.1 Plus (DRG)

Nokia 7 plus (B2N)

Nokia 7.1 (CTL)

Nokia 6.1 (PL2)

Nokia 7.2 (DDV)

Nokia 6.2 (SLD)



Many people are getting confused about flashing stock rom on their Respective Nokia 6.1 plus , Nokia 7 Plus , Nokia 6.1 & Nokia 7.1 now what is the exact procedure to flash stock rom?

1. Download & Copy Nokia-Tool.exe

2. Download latest HOME BREW Stock Rom And extract in one Folder and name it as STOCK ROM

3. Now add  Nokia-Tool.exe in to that respective STOCK ROM Folder 

4. Now connect phone to pc

5. Go to download mode

6. Now Open Nokia-Tool.exe

7. Now select Button according to your Phone code

8. Example Iam Using Nokia 6.1 Plus & My phone code DRG & so i will choose [ DRG B2N CLT PL2 ] same option for 6.1 , 7.1 & 7+ but for 7.2 & 6.2 users choose [DDV SLD]

9. i will click on [ DRG B2N CLT PL2 ] According to my phone as i explained in point no.8

10. wait for 10 min Tool will flash the rom & your phone reboots to system.

11. So finally this is what the exact standard method to flash stock rom on Your devices

Now Some common Questions?

Q1. we still receive monthly updates? 

A. obviously you will receive updates as like before

Q2. Can we try this on Locked Bootloader?

A. No

Q3. Can we use this without Adb Tools?

A. No

Q4. Can we use this script on any Android version?

A. Yes works On Oreo , pie &  Q  but keep this point in your mind update your platform tools time to time due to For Q & Pie & Oreo all these 3 having different different platform tools so if you face any erros don't get scared just download latest adb platform tools

Download Stock Roms

Nokia 6.1 Plus

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 7.2

Nokia 6.2

Download Tool


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